Tips for Building a Professional Project

You are a student and time flies faster than you imagined? Then today is the best day to start thinking about your next challenge: building a professional project. It will allow you to define your professional objectives according to your personality and your background. The Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) gives you a few steps to follow while you prepare for your future!

young students working to build their future

Why Define a Professional Project? 

A well-defined professional project will help you in your job search. You will need to look at yourself, your background, and your goals so that you can figure out exactly where you want to go and what direction you want your career to take. This will allow you to develop an optimal job search strategy. 

By conducting an in-depth analysis of your personal and professional aspirations, you will better understand yourself, your assets, your added value, your preferences, your expectations... Be careful to take into consideration the internships or work-study programs you completed during your training. You may have had a positive or negative experience. Therefore, they are decisive elements to help you define your professional project. 

In this way, you will be more likely to "sell" yourself and your objectives will be clear and precise. Your speech will be more convincing, and more fluid, and you will create a link between who you are, your experiences, and the expectations of the job market. 

How to Define and Build Your Professional Project in 3 Steps 

A professional project is built and matured throughout your student years. As your training and experience allow you to refine your project, you become more and more "concrete"! To do this, there are a few steps to follow. 

Know Thyself: The philosophy of Self-knowledge 

You couldn’t say it better than Socrates’ famous phrase! The first step of your professional project will consist of an in-depth personal analysis. You should take the time to do this step carefully: it is not as obvious as it seems, but it is nevertheless crucial. You will have to ask yourself certain questions to define your profile: 

  • What did you wish to do as a child? 
  • What are your qualities and weaknesses? 
  • What are your hobbies or interests? 
  • What are your personal values? 
  • What do you know how to do? 

Write down all your answers, you will analyze them once all the questions have been answered. 

Imagine yourself in the professional world 

Based on the results of the previous step, you will continue your analysis by focusing on the type of structure or organization to which you wish to apply. 

  • Do you prefer to work in a small business or a large corporation? 
  • Public or private sector? 
  • Are you willing to relocate to join the company of your dreams?  
  • Are you more likely to live in a big city or a small town? 
  • Do you know what opportunities and future career paths are available for the field of activity you want to choose? 

Time to Analyse and Act 

You have now asked yourself lots of questions. Take the time to think about the answers, write them down, and read them over in your mind. You can also discuss them with your family and friends who know you well, as well as with your school staff. 

After this analysis, you will be able to rework your CV and cover letter by underlining your strengths. You can also customize them by targeting the companies you have chosen. You become a full-fledged player in your job search! Don't hesitate to visit professional events and forums to meet the companies you are looking for and talk directly with their representatives. 


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