Students from the IGS Group’s schools have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Ireland on the Group’s campus on the American College premises, in the heart of Dublin. An educational first experience abroad, making it possible for students to open up to the world, discover Anglo-Saxon teaching methods and perfect their English.

Campus Dublin Groupe IGS

Dublin: A dynamic city in the heart of authentic Ireland 

Dublin, the capital of Ireland and populated by more than half a million inhabitants, is a city that combines modernity with traces of Ireland’s rich history. Its welcoming residents delight in helping foreigners discover the unique Irish lifestyle.

From Oscar Wilde to Francis Bacon, numerous artists and intellectuals were either Irish or lived here at some point. Dublin proposes many activities in order to (re)discover these famous people who created the city’s renown.

Dublin’s nightlife is particularly dynamic and offers concerts, outings and pubs to the young population of the Irish capital. Indeed, Dublin is one of the youngest cities in Europe with nearly 50% of its population under the age of 25.

The American College of Dublin

The American College of Dublin, made up of Gregorian houses, including one in which Oscar Wilde grew up, is ideally located in the Merrion Square neighborhood in Dublin’s nerve center. Since 1993, the university has welcomed students from Ireland, America and the world over to Dublin through prestigious programs.