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ffollozz, the 1st influencer marketing school is opening its doors. In a digital environment where influencing has become one of the most utilized marketing channels, ffollozz trains young adults in the technical challenges and societal issues of influencing in tomorrow’s world.

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Campus Groupe IGS - Paris

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Frédéric Abecassis


Frédéric Abecassis
Telephone : +33 (0)6 07 45 18 22
Email : fabecassis@groupe-igs.fr

The influencer marketing school

Influencer marketing corresponds to a new way of advertising brands, based simultaneously on strong social media traffic and a buzzing ecosystem.

In partnership with ISCPA, the Higher Institute for Media, ffollozz prepares students for new professions in influencer marketing and the requirements related to this market (instantaneity, inventiveness, profitability, ethics) by providing students with the economic, artistic, technical and legal tools.

Accessible to students who have already completed 2 years of undergraduate studies, this one-year training program will grant the “Communication project manager” degree (3-year undergraduate degree registered level 6 with the RNCP).




Key figures

  • 2021: inauguration of the school
  • 6 hours 42 minutes: average amount of time per day spent on the Internet by people (worldwide)
  • 4 hours: average amount of time spent on social media for people between the ages of 15 to 24
  • 20 billion euros planned for 2021: the influencer marketing has grown ten-fold in only 5 years
  • 88 % of consumers buy a product following the recommendation of an influencer

Recognition and certifications

  • Level-6 Internal/External Communication Project Manager Degree registered with the RNCP (formerly level II)