Hand'IGS, Groupe IGENSIA Education's (formerly Groupe IGS) Disability Initiative

Career Placement and Inclusion
Hand'IGS, Groupe IGS's Disability Initiative

True to its values, Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) has sought to improve and promote employment opportunities for the disabled since the 1990s. The group's Disability Initiative was created in 2008 to formalize the various actions in place to provide support for students and address their specific needs, in terms of both physical disabilities and mental health issues, in all of our educational and career placement programs.

Disability Education and Employment Initiative

In keeping with our social values, we provide support for companies and students with disabilities through in-person meetings and awareness campaigns, approaching disability with the challenges of today’s job market in mind.

Hand'IGS is committed to providing full support, starting from the first meeting, all the way to placement with a company. The scope of Hand'IGS's mission covers all students with special needs, whether due to physical disabilities or mental health issues, as well as raising awareness among teachers, staff, and managers.

The disability initiative is available for post-secondary, continuing education, work-study, apprenticeship and placement programs, and for all the professional areas Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) offers thanks to a common, international academic system used throughout France on the group's campuses in Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse.

Hand'IGS, Groupe IGS's Disability Initiative


Improve Employment Opportunities for the Disabled

Knowing that more than 80 % of the disabled in France have qualifications lower than a high school degree, Hand'IGS has a vital role to play in education by encouraging improved skills and qualifications.

The support provided to students with disabilities and special needs continues beyond the classroom and results in their employment.

To ensure equal opportunities when entering the job market, recent graduates and alumni continue to be followed by Hand'IGS. This follow-up is essential to ensuring their career placement so that they can live up to their full potential in their host company.

Hand'IGS embodies our identity as an organization that is committed to making society better by actively working towards full inclusion of disabled students in all our educational programs thanks to personalized support. Hand'IGS strives to convey a culture of equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

Since 2008, the Hand'IGS initiative has accompanied more than 2,500 students in the successful completion of their higher education degrees.

Hand'IGS Initiatives

An initial meeting and career guidance is provided for all candidates. This is an opportunity to identify the individual’s motivations and skills, steer them towards a suitable educational program, and provide assistance in searching for a host company. All actions are made possible through the support of partner companies.

Individual support for disabled students with special needs is provided throughout their educational program and during their experience in their host company. Hand'IGS leverages work-placement opportunities to help students gain relevant skills, develop a professional mind-set, and encourage a culture of disability acceptance in the workplace.

We are committed to raising awareness in all groups, from students on campus, to company entrepreneurs, to the staff and faculty of educational programs. To encourage employment opportunities for the disabled, we first need to change the way society views disabilities and develop an approach to disabilities that corresponds to the challenges of today’s job market.


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Aude Meynen
National Disability
Phone : +33 (0)1 80 97 46 49
Email : ameynen@groupe-igs.fr


Lucie Philibert
Company Placement Manager, Disability Contact
Phone : +33 (0)4 72 85 73 34
Email : lphiliberthamdi@groupe-igs.fr


Caroline Thédenat
Company Placement Manager, Disability Contact
Phone : +33 (0)5 31 08 70 85
Email : cthedenat@groupe-igs.fr


By changing how we view disabilities today, we will be able to change the society of tomorrow