A History of Shared Values...

In 1975, three young entrepreneurs, together with the UNAF (French Union of Family Associations) organization, founded the Institut de Gestion Sociale to offer continuing education programs for managers, executives, and employees in the fields of management and human resources. Their goal was to transform the world of higher education around three core values – Humanism, Entrepreneurship, and Professionalism.

Next, they created the first masters level degree program offered in a continuing education format, as well as the first school specialized in human resources management: IGS-RH.

In 1976, with the support of the French government, the founders of Groupe IGS created the first HR audit report, an official document that allows auditors to assess the overall effectiveness of a company’s HR policies.

Trailblazers in the field of apprenticeship education, they founded in 1980 France’s first apprenticeship training center for service industry professions.

Leveraging their growing experience, Groupe IGS then developed its activities in Paris, Lyon , and Toulouse to offer training programs in various areas of the service industries, adapted to all students at each stage of their education.


The History of The Groupe IGS

2022 Creation of the “My Orientation Track” career guidance center
2021 Creation of Take Me Up, an innovative gap-year program. Launch of the “Conquest of Opportunities” personalized career placement program for young people living in the region surrounding Paris
2018 Introduction of staggered admissions
2008 Creation of the Hand’IGS, Groupe IGS’s disability awareness program
2004 Launch of the French Validation of Professional Experience (VAE) system in continuing education programs
1999 Creation of the IMSI real-estate school
1995 Integration of the American Business School of Paris, a business school founded in 1985 offering degree programs in English
1993 Integration of the ISCPA School, specialized in journalism, communication, and artistic and cultural production
1992 Opening of the Groupe IGS Toulouse-Blagnac campus
1991 Creation of the CFA CODIC, an apprenticeship training center for trade, distribution, and service professions
1990 Opening of the René Cassin campus in Lyon
1988 Creation of the IMIS School, specialized in management for the healthcare industries
1987 Creation of the ESAM Business School, specialized in management, finance, and law
1985 Creation of the first inter-company work-study training center (CIEFA)
1982 Opening of the IPI School, specialized in computer science, in Paris

Creation of ICD Business School, specialized in business development and marketing

Opening of the first apprenticeship training center (CFA) for service industry professions

1979 Creation of ADIP – The Association for the Development of Professional Integration

Active contribution to the creation of the HR audit report, a tool that measures the effectiveness of a company’s HR policies, and which has since been incorporated into French labor laws

The IGS-RH school opens, offering the first masters level, continuing education program specialized in human resources

1975 IGS (Institut de Gestion Sociale) was founded to provide training for  managers, executives, and employees in the fields of management and human resources


Roger Serre, Founder of Groupe IGS

After graduating from one of France’s best business schools, he actively participated in the development of Groupe Essec at the beginning of his career.

In 1975, he founded Groupe IGS, basing his vision of education on three values that are essential to him – Humanism, Entrepreneurship, and Professionalism.

Certain that economic development cannot exist without social development, Roger Serre has made it his mission to bring companies and social progress together by helping students become responsible and committed at all levels of education.