The Groupe IGS’s schools for foreigners

Some of the entities of The Groupe IGS are accessible to foreign students.


Formal education / Core programs of study

IGS-RH, human resources school: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse

IGS-RH ecole des ressources humaines

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ICD business school: Paris, Toulouse



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ESAM school of management and corporate finance: Paris, Lyon

ESAM french school of management

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ISCPA journalism, communications and production school : Paris, Lyon, Toulouse

ISCPA french school of journalism and communication

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The American business school of Paris, international management school

the american business school of Paris

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IPI, IT school, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse


IPI IT school

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IMIS Healthcare Industry Management Institute, Lyon

IMIS healthcare

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IMSI real estate school, Paris, Lyon, toulouse, Lyon


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Continuing education & corporate services

Groupe IGS Formation Continue

Groupe IGS formation continue

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Executive club, corporate network

executive club

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Dirigeants en pays d'Avignon, corporate network


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Hand'IGS, la mission handicap du Groupe IGS


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