Led by our core values of Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism, The IGS Group is proud to be one of the founders of the HEP EDUCATION Collective.


Today, the HEP EDUCATION Collective brings together 35 schools and training centers, and believes in a teaching method founded on encouragement and guidance. It defends a radical vision for education that aims to make our students/learners accomplished women and men masters of their own future.

HEP EDUCATION, is a concrete program committed to:

  • An education based on guidance and encouragement, anchored in human expertise, essential in order to respond to corporate expectations and the issues involved with societal transformations. Learners from HEP EDUCATION Schools and Trainings Centers, regardless of their professional program, will therefore experience a learning process that starts off with an orientation day based on values and continues with different types of experiences that accompany the development and promotion of human expertise.
  • An open innovation process that combines different figures form civil society in order to design and implement unprecedented educational projects. HEP EDUCATION believes in collective intelligence that combines people from different backgrounds and ideologies. It is under this framework that Parallaxe, HEP EDUCATION’S think tank, was created in 2018. Today, including more than 80 people from a variety of backgrounds (artists, scientists, athletes, educators, entrepreneurs, etc.), Parallaxe has initiated a unique brainstorming-implementation process in order to provide a professional education based on values.

Hep education: an innovative and distinguishing approach to education

HEP on boarding

HEP On Boarding is an unprecedented educational on-day experience offered to 3,000 new students in 9 French cities to experience H.E.P. values: meeting fellow students while experiencing workshops with experts, scientists, artists, etc. A privileged moment dedicated to discover, exchange with others, create together, take up challenges and join a community of 24,000 students.

HEP Inside

Throughout the year : a shared catalogue of innovative and unprecedented courses – a mix of new contents and educational approaches – will be offered, from 2018 school year on, in every program in order to bring continual awareness to H.E.P. values.

Think tank: hep education’s innovation lab

Institut Parallaxe is a think tank bringing together experts, leading figures, scientists, researchers, artists, companies, students, committed to:

  • Building and developing the first French think tank on education and values
  • Defining the HEP educational model in all its dimensions and measuring its positive impact on students
  • Inventing and experimenting with unprecedented educational solutions
  • Creating and setting up new programs and experiences in HEP EDUCATION Collective schools and training centers Institut Parallaxe is conducted in partnership with different institutions and leading figures, all committed to the definition of a humanist education adapted to the issues of our century (Institut des futurs souhaitables, la Fabrique Spinoza, etc.).