Sponsorships and Partnerships

Since 1975, the Groupe IGS has been partnered with numerous associations and cultural and artistic organizations.


CNEA: the National Committee for Artistic Education 

The Knowledge Workshop meets in Picasso’s former studio where he painted the masterpiece Guernica. Organized by Groupe IGS' students, these are high-quality events where major public figures, heads of companies, experts and professors come to share their thoughts and experiences.

comédie française

The Comédie-Française

The humanist and creative philosophers of the Groupe IGS and the Comédie-Française have created a mutual training program: “Art, creativity and management.”

This cooperative education program makes it possible for 6 actors per year to join the Comédie-Française’s troupe in order to perform and be trained in all theatrical professions. In parallel, they take a training program in the “Management of Artistic and Cultural Projects” within ICD, the Groupe IGS' school of business, management and development.

maison jean-vilar

The maison Jean Vilar

Each year, the Groupe IGS invites hundreds of company executives to discuss contemporary problems in the entrepreneurial world at length. The maison Jean Vilar hosts these company executives and directors who have come for the occasion in order to discuss their experience and debate modern entrepreneurial dynamics.

olympique lyonnais

Olympique Lyonnais

Olympique Lyonnais, the internationally renowned French football team, is a privileged partner of the IGS Group in Lyon. An active partner of the Executive Club, the executive members of OL also participate each year in the Groupe IGS’ speed business event in Lyon.

partenaiers sportifs GRoupe IGS Toulouse

TFC, FENIX, Blagnac Rugby Club and Blagnac cycling club: Partners in Toulouse

The Groupe IGS in Toulouse has arranged numerous partnerships with local athletic teams with which they share common values like respect, overcoming adversity and humanism. Consequently, teams like the Toulouse Football Club, FENIX handball, the Blagnac rugby team as well as its cycling team are all invited to the Group’s cultural events like orientation days or Arts week. As for them, these athletic partners make it possible for the students at Toulouse Campus and partner companies to benefit from exclusive advantages during athletic events.



The LDCL ASVEL basketball team and the Groupe IGS have collaborated together for more than 10 years. Students are regularly invited to games and future journalists from ISCPA, the journalism, production and communications school, cover the team’s games live. The executives of LDLC ASVEL are also part of the Executive Club, a club for all of the Groupe IGS’ partner companies.