Values and missions

The Groupe IGS core values are : Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism.

valeurs et missions du Groupe IGS


As Humasnists,

We believe in everyone’s ability to fulfill their professional and personal objectives. That is why we help every youth, adult, employee or executive convert challenges into success stories and get the best out of themselves and their education.

As Entrepreneurs,

Our constant boldness helps us in order to undertake future projects and propose innovative and engaging training programs adapted to the 21st century. We would like to share this passion for entrepreneurship with our students and for each person to feel capable of improving their environment and the contemporary world in which we live.

As Professionals,

We are attentive to changes in the 8 industries in which we train numerous students and adapt our teaching methods in consequence. Academic and professional excellence is at the heart of our approach in order to ensure successful integration into the working world for all of the Group’s students.


Our missions

Ensuring employability

The Groupe IGS’s vocation is to give all its students the keys to employability, which are the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and the development of skills compatible with the current expectations of companies.

Opening up the mind to the world and its diversity

Through related activities, a humanities-based education, the possibility to study abroad and the organization of and participation in themed conferences, students from the Groupe IGS are opened up to the world and its diversity. They become professionals and citizens of the world.

Mentoring towards success

The Groupe IGS’s teaching methods are based on the mentoring of each of its students so that they can find professional and personal success. Revealing personalities and talents in order to train passionate professionals is our profession.

Teaching invaluable skills

The teaching staffs, passionate about their professions, are at the heart of teaching invaluable skills, the basis for a flourishing professional and personal life. Therefore, we have set up innovative teaching methods that respond to the needs of the public with e-learning education, flipped classrooms, practical case studies and numerous medium-term projects.