Our continuing education programs

Our continuing education programs are designed for professionals, employees, and job-seekers who are looking to gain additional training, acquire new knowledge, and develop their skills to boost their careers.

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A wide range of programs

Continuing education is of particular importance for Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) as it means being able to acquire skills, obtain a degree, and open the doors to a new career. For employers, it is a way to create employee loyalty while at the same time enabling staff to grow professionally and become more fulfilled.

The programs developed by Groupe IGS Continuing Education were designed for all needs, whether individual or expressed by the employer. The formats are also adapted to individual requirements and include full-time or part-time schedules, personalized programs and remote learning, or compliance with the French VAE (recognition of prior experience) process. This wide range of possibilities is aligned with the French law for the freedom to choose one’s professional career with the CPF personal training account and the logical co-investment approach to encouraging skill development in French employees.

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We offer continuing education programs in 5 areas of expertise

Multiple financing options

The French government is committed to providing access to education and training for all citizens at every age. Whether the request for continuing education starts with the employer or the employee, there are many ways to pay for a program.

Learn more about available financing options at www.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr !

Consulting, instructional design and intra-company training

Our Company Solutions department provides support to companies in the following areas:

  • Advising in instructional design and skill acquisition
  • Design and implementation of customized, blended learning training programs in the fields of HR, management, sales, and customer relations
  • Implementation of skill certification processes, including RNCP Certification, Mastery of Skills Certificates (CMC), and Professional Qualifications Certificates CQP)

The CBIO Center

Founded in 1989 and approved by the French OPACIF organizations that oversee funding processes for individual training, including FONGECIF, AFDAS, UNIFORMATION, ANFH, UNIFAF, UNAGECIF, FAFSEA, and OPCALIM, the CBIO Center provides support to companies, employees, and job seekers in all aspects of career management and professional transition.

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