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ESIN is the Groupe IGS’s Data & Artificial Intelligence School based in Paris. It prepares future decision-makers and stakeholders in digital transformation and innovation over either a 3-year program (Bachelor’s Degree) or a 5-year program (Master of Science).

ESIN, Ecole Supérieure de l’Intelligence Numérique

Campus Groupe IGS - Paris

12 rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 Paris


Jean-Christophe Beaux


Jean-Camille Sormain
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A school specialized in digital intelligence

Placing human intelligence at the heart of digital: that is ESIN’s leitmotif. The school’s vocation is to provide all the keys for understanding digital transformation works as well as the tools and methods for digital innovation.

In 3 years, for the Bachelor’s degree, or 5 years for the Master of Science diploma, ESIN educates future digital decision-makers. From coding to digital marketing, from project management to team management and from digital design to data analysis, ESIN trains multi-competent digital experts.

While professions in digital transformation primarily guide company development, accessible technologies are more and more common and offer infinite opportunities. It is these opportunities and innovations that ESIN’s students are capable of mastering. The school’s two-prong approach makes it possible for students to develop their technical knowledge, skills and keen-mindedness in order to imagine the digital world of tomorrow.

Key figures

  • The digital sector represents 800,000 jobs in France
  • Digital professions represent around 820 job positions
  • The French digital market generates mores than 56 billion euros in business revenue
  • 13% of digital professions are in the fields of marketing and communication

Recognition and certifications

  • Certified, level-7 Information Systems Manager Degree registered with the RNCP (formerly level I), RNCP code 15065, code NSF 326n, by decree from 04/07/2017, published in the Official Journal on 04/21/2017


campus Paris

Why a new school?

Since the 2000s, the digital whirlwind continues to grow and no sector is immune to its effects.

France has also recently climbed on the bandwagon. Ranked 15th out of 28 in Europe, according to the 2019 digital economy index, France is eyeing the #1 spot and is giving itself the means to do so. In order to bring itself up to speed with its better-ranked counterparts, it has budgeted 100 billion euros per year, according to McKinsey.

However, existing training programs are insufficient in number. Right now, there are only 20,000 graduates per year while 80,000 positions currently remain unfilled. Furthermore, they are focused on specialization, which does not provide an overall vision.

Due to these observations, we came up with the conclusion that the digital leaders of tomorrow do not yet exist and we need to train them. Genuinely multi-competent, experienced, and well-informed, the young generations will need to be able to understand and master this constantly changing digital universe and innovate in a meaningful way! We created ESIN, the School of Artificial Intelligence and Data, to meet this need.