Sports, arts & culture

The Groupe IGS is certain that open-mindedness, culture, sports, and art are an integral part of education.

sport au Groupe IGS


art and culture by Groupe IGS

For more than 40 years, mandatory participation in sports at the Groupe IGS's schools and institutions have made it possible for everyone to develop their team spirit and taste for exertion.

The merits of sports are many: rigor, determination, commitment, respect, teamwork, etc. All virtues that the Groupe IGS would like to communicate to its students.

The Groupe IGS makes athletic facilities available to its students so that they may play the sport of their choice: basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, track and field, etc. Either in groups or individually, sports enable to momentarily escape and maintain a sound mind in a healthy body.

During local and national competitions and athletic events, the Group’s students measure themselves against those from other establishments and strive to defend the colors of their school or training center. A wonderful recreational opportunity to meet other people and build a student and professional network.

Lastly, twice a year the Groupe IGS's schools and institutions challenge one another during inter-school athletic competitions where the Group’s students face off in a large athletic and festive tournament. 


Art and culture

Arts and culture are also a way to stimulate the mind, kindle curiosity, provoke reactions and forge opinions. These qualities are necessary, not only for a brilliant student but also for the global citizens that the Groupe IGS would like to help create.

Cultural and creative workshops 

cultural and creative workshop

Through programs such as Express Yourself for undergraduate students and Mastermind for graduate students, the Groupe IGS puts a spotlight on cultural and creative workshops.

The objectives:

  • Stimulate creativity
  • Develop their teamwork abilities
  • Discover new working techniques
  • Strengthen their knowledge and general culture

These classes and workshops are divided into four subjects: graphic art, language techniques, creativity tools and human sciences, making it possible for students to develop transversal skills, fortify their imagination and put their sense of responsibility and organization to the test. The opportunity to develop skills that will make them unique, proactive and creative professionals.

The Knowledge Workshop

knowledge workshops

A unique opportunity in France, the Knowledge Workshop invites the Groupe IGS’s students in Paris to gather together to hear a prestigious company leader, intellectual, or French or international expert come and speak.

Students from ISCPA, the journalism and communications school, are in charge of organizing the event. On this occasion, they transform the Grenier des Grands-Augustins into a TV stage and carry out real academic work by practicing TV show production techniques.
Jean Lebrun, a historian and radio show journalist at France Inter and producer at France Culture, hosts these meetings with gusto.

First-rate events that have already welcomed many guests like Laurent Mauriac, co-founder of Rue 89, Eric Mettout, editor-in-chief of, Stéphane Fouks, vice-president of Havas, and many others!

Arts Week

arts week IGS Group

For one week, students from the Groupe IGS campuses take advantage of artistic and cultural workshops. This week celebrates the Group’s cultural commitment, which recognizes a genuine catalyst for social ascension and personal fulfillment in culture and the arts.
Singing, theater, sports, painting, sculpture and other creative and formative activities are on the agenda.

The Office of Associations is particularly invested in this major event, which is one of the year’s highlights for all students, letting them experience unifying events based on the Groupe IGS’s values.



The Groupe IGS is devoted to communicating the optimism and dynamism of urban art to students.
With the help of its partners: the CNEA, Ile-de-France Region, Le Mur association, Ma chaine Etudiante, TV5 Monde, MEDEF and Pénélopé événément, the Groupe IGS has developed the artistic event Urb’Art.

Every year, students welcome an artist chosen for their creativity and renown on the national and international stage. They will help the Group’s students and its partners discover their works, and vision of modern art and share in their enthusiasm for creation and entrepreneurship.
An artistic, festive and resolutely optimistic event that each year inspires the Groupe IGS’s students.