Our campus in Toulouse-Blagnac

Spread out over almost 4,000 m², our Toulouse-Blagnac campus brings our schools and programs together in a quality environment where all students can get the most out of their educational experience and the social, cultural, and athletic events organized for the campus community.

Campus Groupe IGS Toulouse

Study at our Toulouse-Blagnac Campus

Covering more than 6,000 m² and spread out over two modern buildings, the Toulouse campus is home to Groupe IGS schools and training centers who share common infrastructures,  encouraging discussion and interaction between students from all different walks of life and educational pursuits.

Located 20 minutes from down-town Toulouse by public transportation, the campus is equipped with modern infrastructures, built in a light, bright architectural style. Studying in Toulouse allows students to enjoy state-of-the-art technology as well as all the equipment needed to successfully move forward towards their career goals.


Our modern, functional, and colorful campus offers pleasant work conditions spread out over 2 buildings. Innovative learning spaces have been designed especially for students and teachers, providing a unique, career-focused educational experience in a sustainable and connected environment:

  • 45 innovative and creative classrooms
  • 9 amphitheaters that can welcome from 40 to 90 students each
  • 11 PC equipped computer classrooms and 2 DTP classrooms equipped with Mac
  • 1 editing room and 1 radio studio
  • 6 collaborative working spaces
  • 3 learning labs


There are 2 cafeterias on campus:

  • K'FET 1 offers micro-wave ovens and direct access to an outdoor patio area
  • K'FET 2 offers breakfast, lunch, and snack foods for sale throughout the day

Faculty members can take advantage of a separate area for meals and relaxing between classes.

Start a business

Synapse is the network on the Groupe IGS Toulouse-Blagnac campus that provides support to anyone interested in initiating a project, whether entrepreneurial, associative, or other, through the following services:

  • A comfortable atmosphere to gather, network, and talk informally
  • Customized entrepreneurial strategies
  • Connections to the entrepreneurial community in the region via Groupe IGS partners
  • Personalized support provided by professional experts
  • Access to targeted interactive events

Find information

The HUB, the campus’s information resource center is made up of a reading/magazine lounge area and a common room for collaborative work in groups. The calm and friendly space offers more than a thousand publications, thirty-some specialized journals, and an array of magazines and newspapers.

Practice a sport

Students and faculty who enjoy soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, or even badminton have access to a city stadium where they can play their favorite sports to their hearts content. Ping-pong and foosball tables are also available.

Live and study in Toulouse

Located at the intersection of two major routes, one connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, and the other connecting France to Spain, Toulouse is systematically ranked among the l'Etudiant Magazine's Top 5 best cities for students every year. This ranking is based on five factors: student life, environment, employment, attractiveness, and degree programs - everything a student needs to succeed in higher education. So, in other words, studying in Toulouse is an excellent choice!

Good To know

In terms of public transportation, students under the age of 26 have access to the entire tram-bus-subway system for only 10€ per month. With one ticket, you can go anywhere; the Pastel Card can be recharged indefinitely and provides access to good deals and affordable prices.

Toulouse a city for students

A major academic center

As a well-known center for higher education, Toulouse is overflowing with schools and universities. With something for everyone, degree programs available in Toulouse cover a wide range of disciplines: human resources, corporate finance, real estate, computer science, communications, and journalism. And depending on your background and your goals, you can choose full-time, remote, apprenticeship, or work study formats. Thanks to this wealth of choices and opportunities, 120,000 students choose Toulouse every year for their education.

Toulouse's vibrant economy and oportunities

As a lively and scholarly city that is steeped in future technology, yet successful at blending tradition with a modern outlook, Toulouse gets a gold star when it comes to setting the stage for a stimulating and fulfilling career. It is the 4th largest city in France and as such, offers significant employment opportunities, especially in the fields of aviation and space science, computer science and high tech, and food-processing.

The "pink city", as it is known, is also a hotbed for new businesses, welcoming each year entrepreneurs and start-ups who are looking to launch their activity in an innovative and dynamic city. Studying in Toulouse means enjoying a superior lifestyle while at the same time taking advantage of a vibrant economy that makes looking for an internship, work-study placement, or first job so much easier.

Ideal location

Toulouse has always been counted among the best places to live in France. The city is filled to the brim with cultural activities and offers students an exceptional lifestyle. It's a place where world cultures come together, attracting foreign students from every continent, and providing a cosmopolitan and vibrant student experience.

The city is strategically located, situated not far from the Pyrenees mountains and the Spanish border. So, very simple to head out for a weekend in Barcelona or Marseille, among other easy-to-reach destinations. Of course, you will also find many beautiful sites and points of interest on the outskirts of Toulouse! You could, for example, arrange to go hiking in the surrounding countryside. Or, if you prefer water sports, the Mediterranean Sea and the Basque coast are only a 2-3 hours car ride away. If you’re looking to get some fresh air, head for the ski resorts of the Pyrenees mountains!

A lively lifestyle, day and night

Vibrant and attractive, there is always something to do in Toulouse, whatever the time, whatever the season. The city enjoys beautiful weather with over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, making it the perfect backdrop for all sorts of entertainment, including touristic, cultural, and sports events. The opportunities are endless! Bars, restaurants, festivals, concerts, and exhibits are just a few of the places where people come together in Toulouse!

Career events

Events are organized throughout the year to enrich the educational experience of our students, with schools adapting common educational goals to their particular program and student body. Studying in Toulouse means taking advantage of an enriching student experience and a vibrant economy that offers an array of professional opportunities. Come to one of our schools and launch your career under the best possible conditions !

Our schools in Toulouse-Blagnac

Formale education / Core programs of study

Human resources School

IGS-RH - Human Resources School

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ESAM - Management and
Corporate Finance

ESAM - Management and Corporate Finance

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ISCPA - Journalism,
Communication and Production School

ISCPA - Journalism, Communication and Production School

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Real Estate School

IMSI Real Estate School

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IT School

IPI - IT School

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Continuing education

Groupe IGS Formation continue

Groupe IGS formation continue

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  • Communication and development contact 

    Aurélie Tourmente
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