Our Commitment

For more than 45 years, we have developed an approach to learning that is based on providing both encouragement and support to our students, in keeping with our belief in open and inclusive education.

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Our approach to learning 

Learning by doing

Connected campuses and learning environments, e-learning, project based learning, and innovative teaching techniques are just some of the elements making up our approach to learning, where all of our students take an active role in creating their educational experience. We strongly encourage experiential learning through simulation, using, for example, business cases based on real company problems, or other applied learning opportunities. 

Personalized educational paths

Through our five areas of activity, we aim to provide the right program and resources to all students, whatever their background, at every point in their educational path.

With one of the most diversified program offerings available on the market today, we have developed a system of bridge programs and dual degrees to give students the opportunity to adapt their educational path as closely as possible to their career plan.

Small class size

Our intentionally small class sizes enhance student interaction, both among themselves and with faculty.

We strongly believe that learning can also be improved through effective interpersonal communication. For this reason, we make sure there are always opportunities for dialogue in the learning process, so that all students are able to express themselves and learn from one another.

Learning through encouragement

We encourage students to stretch their own limits and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. We advocate for a student's right to fail and his or her right to a second chance, where all students are encouraged to find their path in life. 

Committed faculty and instructors

Our academic staff, hailing from both higher education and the world of work, are dedicated to ensuring the success of all our students. Faculty members and adjunct professors make themselves regularly available to support students during the learning process, from providing guidance in career choices to helping students take their first steps as young professionals, to guarantee their success and their personal and professional fulfillment.


The quality of our programs and their relevance to our students' career objectives depend directly on the quality of our faculty's teaching. Groupe IGS has made the choice to create its own school for teaching professions as it believes that strong educational methods are key to the effective and relevant transfer of knowledge.

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