Arts and Culture

We strongly believe that an open-minded attitude, one of our core values, as well as an appreciation of culture and the arts, are integral parts of any fulfilling educational program. This is why we have incorporated various workshop and courses into all our programs so that our students have an opportunity to experience art and culture while developing their own creativity.


Humanities, Art, and Culture

To expand our students' understanding of culture and develop their critical thinking skills, all our schools have incorporated specific courses on subjects such as philosophy, geopolitics, communications, economic history, political science, and ethics into their programs. In addition, many artistic and cultural events featuring well-known personalities take place in our schools and on our campuses.

Express yourself 

cultural and creative workshop

Whether you want to discover Paris, try your hand at street-art, design your own poster, sing, practice yoga, play chess, improve your storytelling skills, learn how to make great videos, or take great pictures, Express Yourself offers 24 dynamic workshops to choose from that will help you learn to express yourself in small groups.

The instructors at Express Yourself are also there to work with students in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, helping to reveal the creativity of each participant. During the 2023-2024 school year, the Express Yourself workshops will start on October 12 at 1:00 pm.

Knowledge Workshop

knowledge workshops

The Knowledge Workshop is an annual event during which our students in Paris meet with a special guest who might be a prestigious business leader, a renowned scholar, or a French or foreign expert like Laurent Mauriac, co-founder of Rue 89, Eric Mettout, editor of l', Stéphane Fouks, vice-president of Groupe Havas, or many others!

During the 2023-2024 school year, our students will have an opportunity to reflect on subjects such as, for example, AI and Chat GPT, the Olympic games that France is hosting, or even the place and role of techno music in our society.

Arts Week

arts week IGS Group

Arts Week celebrates our commitment to culture and is an opportunity to promote art as a way to understand our changing world and foster personal fulfillment.

During the week, all of our students participate in workshops in singing, theatre, sports, painting, and sculpture, as well as participating in other creative and educational activities. The Student Associations Council is particularly active in organizing this major event which is a high point in our students' academic year.



Launched in 2007, Urb'Art is an annual, one-week event that takes place on each of our 3 campuses. It offers students a unique artistic experience and an opportunity to unleash their creativity using the fun tools used in street art. Starting with a blank page and a theme (dragons in 2022-2023 and Mangas in 2023-2024), students can give free rein to their imagination. After the event, participants leave with their paintings, able to proudly display them in their homes.

Urb'Art has invited many artists over the years, including Titifreak, Zezao, C215, M.CHAT, Daniel Melim, BigBen, Jean Faucheur, Inti Castro, Bault, and Julien Soon, and some have even left their artistic mark on the walls of our 3 campuses. Because street art speaks directly to the public, we have chosen urban art to embody the connection between creativity and technical know-how and to pave the way for new teaching techniques.