Why you should learn a foreign language

Learning a foreign language takes time and perseverance while translation tools are constantly improving. However, does this mean that learning a language is no longer as important and that you can just let the software do the work for you? There are many benefits to learning a foreign language. Here are 5 good reasons to learn a new language.

Learn a new language

#1 Finding a Job

Even with the rise of highly relevant translation software, candidates who are fluent in foreign languages draw much more attention from recruiters. Finding a job abroad is also easier if you have a command of foreign languages because the ability to communicate in a genuine and authentic way remains essential, especially in an increasingly digital work environment. Multilingual people are also known to be multifunctional which is another important skill in the professional sphere. 


#2 Boosting your brainpower 

Several studies show that learning a foreign language boosts memory and delays diseases such as Alzheimer. Also, people who speak more than one language develop more cognitive abilities and their brains are more responsive. Additionally, you can improve your memory and concentration by working on all aspects of learning a foreign language such as grammar rules, listening, pronunciation, conjugation, etc. 


#3 Improving your soft skills  

Practicing a foreign language teaches you to make mistakes and learn from them. You also develop a tolerance for any ambiguity because at the beginning of your learning process, you may not understand everything you hear or read, but you should keep trying. Trying to understand the meaning of a sentence would also play a role in developing intuition. Finally, you become more creative because your brain learns to think differently. 


#4 Exploring New cultures and Having a Greater Social Circle

Imagine yourself in an environment where you have to talk to strangers who don't speak your language. Using a computer program to communicate is okay, but it's always nicer to be able to have a real conversation without constantly using a device. It will help boost your interpersonal skills as well. 

When you learn a language, you also learn a new culture which allows you to have a new vision and a better understanding of the person you are speaking to. You will develop humane skills: respect, tolerance, compassion. Humanism is one of the three founding values of the Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS), which encourages each student, through languages and other experiences, to become a world citizen. 


#5 Making Better Decisions   

According to some studies, when you think in another language, your brain dissociates your emotions from your decision-making, which allows you to make more rational and realistic decisions without putting your feelings forward. You also develop skills that allow you to better understand a more complex situation and to better grasp the nuances of a given situation. This will allow you to find better solutions. 


Aside from studying in a new country by enrolling in the Groupe IGENSIA Education's (formerly Groupe IGS) schools, you also get the chance to develop further language skills within the framework of your studies. Take a look at The Groupe IGENSIA Education's (formerly Groupe IGS) core programs to start a new life adventure and prepare your future.