Campus Partners

Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) degree programs are also available on a French partner campus.

Campus The Land Rennes

The Land (Groupe Antoine de St-Exupéry) - Rennes

The Groupe Antoine de St-Exupéry offers degree programs in the fields of sales, business development, management, real estate, and law in the French cities of Rennes and Vitré. Both undergraduate and graduate programs are available, and the ESDT schools offer quality, career-focused curriculums and support designed to prepare students for jobs in high-growth industries.

The Land - Rennes

In partnership with the IMSI and ESAM schools, Groupe Saint-Exupéry offers the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor's degree in Real Estate Negotiation and Administration
  • Professional Master's degree in Management of Real Estate Services
  • Bachelor's degree in International Management and Administration
  • Bachelor's degree in Law and Political Science
  • Master of Science degree in Finance
  • Master of Science in Corporate Law
  • MBA in Risk and Compliance