Degree programs in International Management

At a time when sales transactions for goods and services are mostly done with foreign countries, future executives and decision makers of international companies must understand international market changes and environments, as well as political, economic, and social contexts abroad.

Fields of international management

Future international management professionals must also be able to find innovative and inventive solutions by using managerial innovation in the form of new approaches and new methods combined with technological break-throughs. The main qualities an international manager required, in addition to business expertise, include creativity, innovation, and an open-minded attitude in order to be able to work successfully with multicultural teams.

Our degree programs in International Management lead to international career opportunities and are based on a French-American approach to international business, management, and marketing.

The American Business School of Paris promotes this method, offering both a better understanding of the international economic environment and an international perspective to the world and cultures through the mastery of foreign languages. To prepare students for the world of work that awaits them, the American Business School of Paris offers international management programs taught exclusively in English allowing them to become International Executive Managers, Business Development Managers, Investment Consultants, or International Consultants.

Career opportunities in international management

Career options after graduation include:

  • Business Developer
  • Product Manager
  • Director of International Communication
  • Development Manager
  • International Partnership Director
  • Import-Export Key Account Manager
  • Hospitality & Tourism Consultant
  • Innovation Manager
  • International Mobility Manager in HR
  • Sales Development Director (local and international markets)
  • Business Planning Consultant
  • International Business Development Consultant
campus Paris

We have 3 campuses in France in Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse. Our campuses are equiped with modern facilities adapted to the needs of all students.

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