Our international partners and certifications

Our network of partner universities and companies throughout the world enables us to offer our students a truly unique educational experience.

GRoupe IGS international partners

More than a hundred partner universities in the world

Groupe IGS has partnered with more than one hundred higher education institutions in Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, and Africa. We are committed to bilateral partnerships, Erasmus+ exchange agreements, and dual degree agreements. All of our partner universities have been chosen for the quality of both their educational programs and the accommodations they offer students. All partners are accredited at a national or international level, or both.

Becoming a partner

With over 40 years' experience, Groupe IGS is the perfect partner to help turn the projects and partnerships you've envisioned into reality.

Dual degree partnerships

Groupe IGS offers its students many dual degree programs in partnership with universities around the world. If you are interested in developing a dual degree partnership with your university, please contact Groupe IGS's International Relations department.

Student exchange program

Exchange programs are at the heart of Groupe IGS’s approach to learning. Each year, our International Relations department develops partnerships that make it possible for our students, as well as yours, to participate in academic programs in French and English. Join our network of international partner universities and make it possible for your students to spend a semester or a year in France studying in one of our programs.

Custom programs

Each year, Groupe IGS and its partner universities develop personalized educational programs designed to meet the unique training needs of various institutions, international organizations, ministries, and companies.

We can also assist you in developing study abroad opportunities for your students. The group may be accompanied by a professor from your university or be entirely taken charge of and assisted by Groupe IGS and its academic teams.

International certification

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ICD Business School

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The American Business School of Paris

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ICD Business School

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The American Business School of Paris

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The American Business School of Paris


Recent projects

The IGS CFA training center joined the MONA project that aims at increasing mobility opportunities for work-study students.

In 2022-2023, the IGS CFA/CIEFA training center sent more than 500 work-study students on short term mobilities world-wide