International partners and certifications

The worldwide network of universities and partner companies makes the IGS Group a French leader in private education.

GRoupe IGS international partners


The IGS Group is partnered with more than one hundred higher education establishments in Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Africa and the Middle East. The IGS Group and its schools have entered into bilateral partnerships, Erasmus + exchange and dual diploma agreements. All partner universities are chosen for the quality of their education as well as the quality of their reception. They are all accredited either at the national or international level, or both.

Becoming a partner

Backed with its experience of over 40 years, the IGS Group is a chosen intermediary when concretizing projects and partnerships that correspond to your needs.

Dual diploma partnership

The IGS Group proposes many dual diplomas to its students in partnership with universities around the world. If you would like to develop a dual-diploma partnership with your establishment, please contact the IGS Group’s International Relations department.

Exchange program

Exchange programs are at the heart of the IGS Group’s schools’ pedagogy. Each year, the International Relations department strives to develop partnerships making it possible for our students, like yours, to participate in academic programs in French and English.

Join the IGS Group’s network of international partner universities and make it possible for your students to come and study for a semester or a year in France, in an IGS Group academic program.

Customized programs

Each year, the IGS Group and its partner universities develop customized academic programs making it possible for institutions, international organizations, ministries and companies to meet their particular educational needs.

The IGS Group also assists you in the development of academic exchanges for your students. Learners will be mentored by a professor from your establishment or be entirely taken charge of and assisted by the IGS Group and its academic teams.


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Recent programs

  • - A training program, financed by the World Bank, on the modernization and reforms of the French state meant for Indonesian senior officials.
    - A three-week exchange for students from Dubai in an MBA program.
    - A five-month training program in French for young Panamanians who will participate in the organization of World Youth Day in 2019.