IMIS, Institute of Healthcare Industry Management

Institute of Healthcare Industry Management

Since 1987, the Institute of Healthcare Industry Management in Lyon has assisted pharmacists, physicians, biologists, biochemists and other “scientific” profiles in management programs.

IMIS campus

Campus HEP Lyon - René Cassin

47 rue du Sergent Michel Berthet 69009 Lyon


Kelly Trévisan Serraille


Alexandra Lévêque
+33 (0)4 72 85 38 27

This 12-month program (including 8 months in cooperative education) makes it possible for healthcare professionals to become high-level executives in the healthcare industries through the acquisition of scientific and managerial expertise.

Careers as a high-ranking healthcare executive require the development of actual skills in leadership and management while simultaneously enriching their skills in the dynamic and challenging field of the healthcare industries.

Key figures

  • 1987: date of creation
  • 87% professional integration within 3 months following graduation
  • A 12-month program including 8 months in a work-studying training program

Recognitions and certifications

  • Certified Level-I Degree registered with the RNCP
IMIS healthcare
IMIS healthcare
IMIS healthcare