Pédagogia is the school for teaching professions. Created in 2017, its mission is to train instructors and the entire academic faculty in the latest teaching innovations.


The quality of our programs and their relevance to our students' career objectives depend directly on the quality of our faculty's teaching. Groupe IGS has made the choice to create its own school for teaching professions as it believes that strong educational methods are key to the effective and relevant transfer of knowledge.

Since 2017, more than 400 participants have been trained by Pédagogia, the school for teaching professions, created by Groupe IGS's Teaching and Innovation department (DPI).

The School for Instructors and Teaching Professions in Paris, Lyon, and Toulouse

Pédagogia, the humanistic school dedicated to educational engineering and innovation, is responsible for training teachers, instructors, consultants, program designers, program administrators, and program directors in the most recent educational innovations.

More than anything else, the main responsibility of instructors is to pass on culture, knowledge, skills, and values, and to do so, they must be prepared to face innovation and a changing educational environment. Experts in their fields, they are responsible for transferring valuable knowledge and know-how to students, but to be able to share their expertise, they must master modern educational tools and methods.

Audiences change, methods evolve, and so do tools:

Pédagogia provides instructors with the support they need in the midst of today’s educational and digital advancement

Design and spread teaching innovation

Thanks to Pédagogia's holistic view of education, combined with its neuroscientific approach and instructional strategies such as active, positive teaching methods, flipped classrooms, group intelligence, and digital tools, instructors are able to acquire agile methods of teaching along with educational strategies for today and tomorrow that take into account a universal approach to learning and the customization of educational tracks.


Cynthia Eid, Director of Learning and Innovation, Director of Groupe IGS's Pédagogia School for Instructors and Teaching Professions
Cynthia Eid

Although the idea of creating a school for instructors within Groupe IGS isn’t necessarily new, it has recently become a reality and embodies the group’s ambition to share its experience in terms of educational innovation.

Pédagogia is a comprehensive school focused on continuing education that connects a macro perspective of education with teaching tools and a quality learning environment. We are committed to placing educational engineering, professional development of instructors, and digital assessment of skills at the heart of this revolutionary school for teaching professions.