To enhance the overall student experience on our campuses, we encourage and support the development of all sorts of student organizations. Students are expected to organize and participate in different activities, including trips, cultural projects, charitable events, and athletic competitions. Student participation is regularly assessed and counted towards final grades, making extra-curricular activities not only an integral part of all our programs, but also an excellent opportunity to develop community spirit and an ability to work as part of a team.

community life Groupe IGS

Our schools strongly believe in the vital importance of the values learned and the skills acquired through active involvement in associations.

Whether athletic, artistic, cultural, creative, humanitarian, or social, all the student activities organized by on-campus associations promote values like humanism, openness to the world, and commitment; values we believe are essential to each student's individual and personal fulfillment.

Student associations offering a wealth of experiences

Being a student at one of our schools doesn't just mean learning to become a driving force for change in the world; it also means having an opportunity to participate in activities that encourage individual growth and to explore a world of opportunities!

Develop professional skills

profesional skills development

As a true source of personal fulfillment, participation in campus associations also enables students to develop many important skills for their future careers, including teamwork, events management, and leadership. These skill sets can be developed through active involvement in associations, and we strongly recommend students include them on their resumes.

Student associations on campus

community life Groupe IGS

The Student Associations Council (BDA) organizes campus associations. On each one of our campuses, many associations offer various activities that meet the needs of campus life and result from our students’ creative ideas.