Community life

In order to energize the community of students, learners, and trainees on its campuses, the Groupe IGS encourages and supports the development of a rich community life. Students' participation in different trips and cultural, charity-related, or athletic projects contribute to their final grade and are therefore an integral part of their education that helps develop solidarity and team spirit.

community life Groupe IGS

The Groupe IGS's schools and institutions are convinced of the crucial importance of the values passed down and the skills acquired through community work.

Whether they are athletic, artistic, cultural, creative or humanitarian, community activities spread values such as humanism, open-mindedness or creativeness, essential to each learner’s individual and personal success.


A rich community life

Being a learner within one of the Groupe IGS's schools and institutions is not only educating one’s self regarding future professions, but it is also the opportunity to participate in activities that create maturity and encourage involvement as citizens of the world.

Develop professional skills

profesional skills development

A genuine lever for personal growth, community life also makes it possible to develop many professional skills. Working in groups, event project management or leadership are just a few of the many skills that can be developed through community involvement.

Community life within the schools

community life Groupe IGS

The Student Life Office organizes community life events on campus. On each of the Group’s campuses, many different types of clubs propose a wide range of activities that meet the needs of campus life and students’ creative ideas.