Our schools and programs are committed not only to supporting students throughout their education, but also to creating opportunities to manage and promote their future careers, especially by helping them develop their professional network and by multiplying interactions with our alumni community.

alumni Groupe IGS

With more than 80,000 graduates, Groupe IGS represents one of the largest alumni networks, not only in France, but also in Europe

A network, a community

Each of our schools manages its own alumni network, which is active in the life of the school, right along with the students. Alums accompany students in many different ways, from sharing their experiences and participating in events to becoming mentors and recruiting within the school network. Network members are also very involved in creating synergies and sharing best practices among alumni.

These different networks make up our community of 80,000 alumni and have been developed to:

  • Create a lasting connection between alumni, students, and their school
  • Provide support to members at every stage of their different career paths
  • Encourage dynamic professional and extra-professional relationships between members of all our schools to multiply business opportunities
  • Strengthen the reputation of our schools and degrees in the national and international job markets

Platforms designed for sharing

Each network has its own on-line alumni platform to optimize interaction between students, alumni, and companies and to keep them in touch with the school throughout their lives. These platforms are organized by sector and allow companies to stay connected with our communities by sharing their job offers and latest news.

alumni american business school of paris

The American Business School of Paris community brings together international business students and professionals


ESAM alumni

The ESAM Alumni community gathers corporate finance managers, legal experts, and entrepreneurs together.


ICD alumni

The ICD Alumni community is made up of many graduates working in high level positions in the fields of sales and marketing


alumni IGS-RH

The IGS-RH Alumni community includes 18,000 alums, working today as HR managers, generalists as well as specialists, depending on their career ambitions


ISCPA alumni

The ISCPA Alumni community brings together former students who are today professionals in the fields of communication, journalism, artistic production, and entertainment


IPI Alumni

The IPI Alumni community gathers together alums who are working today as IT managers, project managers, developers, IT consultants, and information systems architects


IMSI Alumni

The IMSI Alumni community includes many former students who are today working as specialists in the field of real-estate


imis alumni

Coming Soon:  The IMIS Alumni community brings together alums who have become health care executives