Alumni network

The IGS Group’s establishments are not only deeply set on guiding their students throughout their life, but also in opening them up to different opportunities in order to manage and promote their career, particularly by developing their professional network and multiplying exchanges within the community.

alumni Groupe IGS

With 70,000 alumni, the IGS Group represents one of the most important alumni networks in France and Europe.

Network & community

Each IGS Group entity has its own alumni network. This network is active in the life of the establishment alongside its students: alumni are invested in helping each class year through experience feedback, by participating in juries for events, becoming Mentors or recruiting from within its network. Members are also very invested in the research for new synergies and in the exchange of good business practices between alumni.
These different networks represent the IGS Group’s community of 67,000 alumni and help:
•    Establish a sustainable link between alumni, students and their establishment
•    Accompany each member’s different career trajectories 
•    Promote the dynamics of professional and extra-professional relationships between members of the different IGS Group entities, thereby multiplying business opportunities
•    Strengthen the influence of the IGS Group’s establishments and degrees on the national and international job market

Knowledge-sharing alumni platforms

Each network has its platform in order to provide students and alumni with interactive sharing tools, which makes it possible for them to keep in touch with their establishment throughout their life.

Companies also communicate with members on current topics, events and job positions to be filled.


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