The Groupe IGS’s schools and training centers benefit from an ERASMUS+ consortium accreditation and have all signed the ERASMUS+ charters.

Groupe IGs erasmus programs

The Groupe IGS’s schools and institutions are strongly involved in ERAMUS+ programs (2014-2020), which therefore confirms their modernizing and internationalizing strategy. This strategy affirms the role of student and employee mobility as well as cooperative projects in favor of a better educational offer for students.
•    The Group’s international strategy 
•    The ERASMUS consortium accreditation



The Erasmus+ program specifically aims to strengthen the quality of student and personnel mobility, as well as assist establishments involved in this. The new Erasmus+ Charter for higher education (ECHE) is thereby strengthened with new requirements in terms of quality. The Erasmus+ Charter applicable over the 2014-2020 period replaces the former Erasmus University Charter (standard, expanded to internships only and expanded) valid until the 2013-2014 academic year.

  • For students, acquiring skills abroad promotes personal development as well as a better ability to integrate into the job market. Students with disabilities can also apply for this additional financial aid under the framework of Erasmus.
  • For the Groupe IGS’s educators and all of its employees, acquiring and sharing knowledge and expertise contributes to improving the quality of education, while strengthening partnerships between European establishments and companies.

The Groupe IGS’s establishments with the ERASMUS+ charter have obtained Erasmus+ financing by virtue of Higher Education Mobility. Students, educators and personnel can benefit from this at any time (more information with your International Relations department).



Backed by its humanist values, the Groupe IGS believes in European collaboration in order to develop wide-scale projects related to education and acquiring skills, regardless of the business sector. Consequently, the Group and its establishments are regularly involved in European community projects.




The Groupe IGS is a major partner of EnDigiCom, a project co-financed by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus+ Professional Training Strategic Partnerships program.

This two-year research and development project works towards identifying the digital skills necessary for European companies to become efficient and competitive in a world that is almost completely digitized. By exchanging and sharing experiences between European educational stakeholders and digital experts, the project aims to develop a curriculum in order to develop digital skills in European employees.

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The Groupe IGS Lyon was solicited as part of the European project “Future skills & sustainable development in the Green Salon,” a large Erasmus project that falls under one of the priorities defined by the European Commission: sustainable development.

Through its technical expertise and because it promotes a system of strong fundamental values, the Groupe IGS was chosen to develop and put an interactive game online. This makes it possible to raise awareness in audiences regarding the prevention of professional risks, waste management, ergonomics, well-being and sustainable development in the field of hairdressing.

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