Partnerships and Patronage

Since 1975, we have been partners with an array of cultural, artistic, and athletic clubs and organizations.

Partnerships and Patronage

Growing together with our partners

La Comédie Française

The Comédie Française

We are a key partner of the French Comédie-Française with whom we share core values, such as humanism and the importance of arts in education, particularly in our ever-changing world.

In addition to our patronage and providing financial support each year, we are also committed to training young artists in the area of artistic and cultural project management. Every year, a one-year program allows student from the Comédie-Française to develop dual expertise while taking classes at ISCPA, our school of Communication, Journalism, and Artistic and Cultural production.



APEC analyzes and anticipates market developments, notably through its major annual surveys, especially on companies' recruitment forecasts. APEC also supports and advises young graduates in preparing for their professional integration. Since 2020, we have been partners with APEC, which provides our learners and young graduates with data on the job market, along with industry conferences and coaching sessions conducted by APEC consultants. This enables them to more easily access internships, apprenticeship contracts, or their first job.

Maison Jean Vilar

The Maison Jean Vilar Center

Each year, during the Executives in Avignon meeting, hosted by the Jean Vilar Center, we bring together hundreds of company directors to discuss current business trends, problems, and opportunities.

Sommet de l'Inclusion Economique

The Economic Inclusion Summit Meeting

We are partners of the Economic Inclusion Summit that each year brings together hundreds of companies and leaders committed to creating a more inclusive economy. Our participation confirms our long-time commitment to encouraging diversity and inclusion within our own employees through our unique open education model, also illustrated by the creation of our Insertion and Inclusion division in 2023.


Campus de l'Inclusion

Campus for Inclusion

We are members of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Campus for Inclusion alongside its founders and other large companies who support the initiative. The Campus is a program targeting company directors to encourage the development of inclusive practices.


ANDRH Professional Association

As the #1 HR association in France,  ANDRH has defended the rights of its members and supported the changes impacting the workplace and HR practices for the past 75 years. ANDRH today counts more than 5,600 members, including HR directors, managers, and experts from every industry. The diverse backgrounds and ages of the association’s members are major assets to the 70 local chapters throughout France.

LOU Rugby

LOU Rugby

Founded in 1896, the Lou Rugby club is one of the oldest clubs to figure today among the top French rugby teams. Beyond sports, we share the same values as the club in our daily lives: team spirit, solidarity, and sharing. Together, we can go further !

CPME Lyon Rhône

CPME Lyon Rhône

Member of the Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) Executive Club for many years, the Rhône chapter of the French CPME (Confederation of Small and Medium Size Businesses) defends the interests of French companies. Our partnership results notably in our active participation in events organized by the CPME, including breakfast meetings, trade fairs, networking activities, and a shared commitment to improving the employability of young people and promoting career opportunities in small and medium-sized companies.

MEDEF Lyon Rhône

MEDEF Lyon-Rhône

As the top network for business leaders in the Lyon metropolitan area with more than 10,000 company directors among its members, the mission of the MEDEF Lyon-Rhône is to bring companies together and defend their interests. The goal of this partnership is to implement actions together that are designed to develop employment, internship, and work placement opportunities in different ways, including presentations to student groups, recruitment forums, steering committees for employment initiatives, and targeted conferences.

Les partenaires sportifs toulousains

Blagnac Rugby Club and Toulouse Métropole Basketball Club: Partner Sports Teams in Toulouse

We are partners with two major sports clubs in Toulouse with whom we share the values of respect, pushing past limits, and humanism.