Groupe IGS Sports

For more than 40 years, we have encouraged students to play sports regularly, especially while enrolled at one of our schools, so that they can develop their team spirit and learn to appreciate the rewards of hard work.

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The many values associated with sports include discipline, determination, commitment, respect, and teamwork, just to name a few. These are also the values we hope to convey to our students. We've made sure they have access to sports facilities so that they can enjoy whatever sports they prefer, whether basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, or track and field. On a team or alone, playing a sport is a great way to leave the world behind and maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body.

During local and national athletic competitions and events, our students go up against those of other schools, determined to defend their school's colors. A wonderful recreational opportunity to meet new people and start building a student and professional network.

Groupe IGS Sports: 100 % on-line program for athletes

Groupe IGS Sports, specialized in working with athletes, is part of Groupe IGS. It offers 100 % on-line post-secondary educational programs specifically designed for amateur and professional athletes, as well as those transitioning into new careers, throughout France.

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Groupe IGS Sports


Groupe IGS Sports