Our fields of expertise

The Groupe IGS offers training programs in 8 complementary fields of expertise. These programs are accessible for everyone in a variety of different options: formal education, work-study training, traineeships, continuing education or under the framework of professional integration and transition.

Fields of expertise - Human Resources

Degree Programs in Human Resources

The Human Resources department is an integral part of any company and plays a strategic role within all organizations. Handling labor relations, developing employee careers, training staff, and recruiting suitable applicants are just some of the activities which are essential to ensuring the proper running and efficiency of a company.

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Fields of management, finance, and law

Degree programs in Management, Finances, and Law

The fields of management, finance, and law aim at optimizing internal company decisions in terms of human, material, and financial resources. High-level positions in these fields require professionals who possess the ability to set realistic growth targets and choose the best suited means for implementing a strategy. Our degree programs also develop an entrepreneurial mindset and encourage students to start new businesses.

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Fields of international management

Degree programs in International Management

At a time when sales transactions for goods and services are mostly done with foreign countries, future executives and decision makers of international companies must understand international market changes and environments, as well as political, economic, and social contexts abroad.

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Real Estate

Degree Programs in Real Estate

The real estate industry contributes significantly to employment in France. The world of real estate is a dynamic sector that combines high level technical abilities with managerial and negotiation skills.

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