Welcome to the World of Opportunities

We offer an academic and career-oriented open education model, where all are welcome and where everyone will learn to find their place in today’s changing world, whatever their unique characteristics, ambitions, or background.


At a glance

  • More than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs
  • 8 fields of professional expertise
  • 15 000 students
  • 80 000 alumni

Our vision

We prepare our students to become a driving force for change in the world.


Five areas of activity

Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) brings together 10 post-secondary schools, offering 200 undergraduate and graduate degree programs designed to meet the needs of students, companies, and society in general.


3 Campuses

We are located on 3 campuses in France, in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse.


Training in 8 Business Sectors

We offer one of the most diversified educational offerings available today, with more than 200 programs in 8 fields of expertise : Human Resources - Sales, Marketing, and Service Industries - Management, Finance, and Law - International Management - Journalism, Communication, and Production - Healthcare Management - Computer Science and Digital Technologies - Real Estate 


Assessment Center

Assessment Center

In keeping with our future-oriented view of the issues involved in the world of work, we have developed the Assessment Center, an additional career counseling service to ensure the best match possible between our programs, company needs, and student ambitions.

Our Assessment Center allows us to better evaluate the professional needs of individuals to develop personalized educational plans and also to meet the growing demand for targeted programs leading to the mastery of specific skill sets.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Career counseling is made up of individualized solutions and high-performance tools to design a career plan or confirm choices. It can be useful at any point in the student's reflection process or learning path and is built around a counseling process made up of various steps. 

CBIO Paris - Lyon


Founded in 1989, the CBIO Center offers skill assessment and career counseling, as well as coaching services for individuals from all backgrounds.

CFA Training Center for Administrative and Service Professions

CFA Training Center for Administrative and Service Professions

The CFA Training Center for Administrative and Service Professions in Lyon is a major player in undergraduate apprenticeship programs in the fields of sales, communication, business administration, computer science - digital technology, and accounting.



The CIEFA Training Centers offers undergraduate and graduate level work-study degree programs in Paris and Lyon in several different areas, including Bank and Insurance; Sales and Marketing; HR and Payroll; Strategic Management, Corporate Finance, Law; and Computer Science - Digital Technology.

Codis CFA Training

Codis CFA Training

Since 1991, the CODIS CFA Training Center has set the standard in apprenticeship programs for sales, distribution, and service professions.



The COIP is Groupe IGENSIA Education's (formerly Groupe IGS) Center for Interprofessional Career Counseling. Located in Paris, it provides young people with support in creating and shaping their educational objectives.



Founded in 1987, the ESAM School offers programs in strategic management, corporate finance, and law on its campuses in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Rennes. ESAM prepares students for executive careers in corporate finance and legal counsel.

Groupe IGS formation continue

Groupe IGS Continuing Education

Historically, Continuing Education was the first center of excellence developed by Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) in 1975. As a leader in Human Resources education, as well as a major player in both the French Validation of Professional Experience (VAE) system and degree earning programs, Groupe IGS Continuing Education works closely with companies, employees, and job seekers providing support and expertise for all their career development projects and professional transition needs.

Hand'IGS, Groupe IGS's Disability Initiative

Hand'IGS, Groupe IGENSIA Education's (formerly Groupe IGS) Disability Initiative

True to its values, Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) has sought to improve and promote employment opportunities for the disabled since the 1990s. The group's Disability Initiative was created in 2008 to formalize the various actions in place to provide support for students and address their specific needs, in terms of both physical disabilities and mental health issues, in all of our educational and career placement programs.

icd International business school paris toulouse


Since 1980, the ICD Business School has offered quality education in the fields of sales management, marketing, and business development on campuses in Paris and Toulouse. ICD has been able to successfully anticipate the changes in the world of business and identify the impact these changes have on career trends.

Logo IGS Insertion Inclusion

IGS Career Placement and Inclusion

Groupe IGENSIA Education's (formerly Groupe IGS) Career Placement and Inclusion division is open to all individuals who want to build a better future, whatever their background or current situation may be, whether they are continuing their education, transitioning careers, or seeking employment.

IGS CFA Training Center

IGS CFA Training Center

Since 1980, Groupe IGS's CFA Training Center has been one of the main drivers in the development of apprenticeship for service industries. Located in Paris, it offers over thirty different apprenticeship degree programs.

IGS Work-Study Campus

IGS Work-Study Campus

Located in Blagnac, just minutes from the French city of Toulouse, the IGS Work-Study Campus welcomes hundreds of students every year to undergraduate and graduate work-study degree programs in the areas of strategic management, corporate finance, law, human resources, and sales. 

IGS-RH Paris Lyon Toulouse


Since 1975, IGS-RH has been successfully educating French human resource managers and executives. Thanks to its quality academic programs, whose relevance is systematically noted by industry experts, one out of every five HR executives in France has, in fact, graduated from IGS-RH.



IMIS educates future healthcare industry executives and specialists. During the program, degree holders in scientific fields and life science professionals acquire skills in management, marketing, and regulatory affairs.

IMSI Paris Lyon Toulouse


The IMSI School of Real Estate Management was founded in 1999 and offers undergraduate and graduate programs specialized in the thriving field of real-estate. Programs are only delivered in French and available on four campuses throughout France, in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, and Rennes.

IPI Paris Lyon Toulouse


The IPI School of Computer Science offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs that are career focused and designed to meet the needs of students looking for a quality education in the field.

ISCPA Paris Lyon Toulouse


The ISCPA School of Media, with campuses in Paris, Toulouse, and Lyon, offers programs in journalism, communication, and cultural and artistic production. Its proven experience is the result of its innovative programs and curriculum. 


Take Me UP

Take Me UP is a certified program open to young people between the ages of 17 and 25 who wish to embark upon an enriching gap year experience to learn more about themselves and prepare for their future careers.


Take Me UP

Take Me Up is a certified program of the Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) that offers a meaningful gap year. This unique and rewarding experience is open to young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 years old who are interested in taking a gap year in order to learn about themselves, improve their language skills and prepare for the professional world.

The American Business School of Paris

The American Business School of Paris

Founded in 1985, the American Business School of Paris is an international school of management that is based on a flexible and interactive American approach to learning.



2024 Graduation ceremony

The consecration of student life, the graduation ceremony marks the end of student life at IGENSIA Education Group (formerly IGS Group) ... but it also represents a new beginning and the promise of numerous opportunities for students.

Vocation professionnelle


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This simple question that every child hears at some point growing up can also become a major source of stress – trying to figure out one’s calling in life! And yet, figuring out what to do in life is no easy matter for young people, or even for not so young people! Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) takes a closer look at the reality of having an occupational calling.