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Since 1975, the IGS Group has helped all members of the population acquire the knowledge, skills, degrees and social skills necessary for both their professional and personal success.


Key Figures

  • Undergraduate to Graduate-degree programs
  • 8 training sectors
  • 67,000 alumni
  • 6 campuses

Founding Values

The IGS Group was founded on values such as Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism, which continue to guide its development today and inspire its academic initiatives on a daily basis.


5 Complementary Activities

The IGS Group provides all members of the population with access to training programs that correspond to their needs and professional objectives through programs offered in either a school setting, continuing education, work-studying training, traineeships or professional integration


6 Campuses

The IGS Group and its establishments are located on 6 campuses in France and abroad. In Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Casablanca, Shanghai and Dublin, students from the IGS Group learn and grow on multicultural campuses with modern infrastructures.


Training in 8 Business Sectors

Human Resources Management and Development;International Management; Computer Science; Corporate Finance and Strategic Management; Journalism, Communications and Artistic and Cultural Production;Real Estate; Commerce, Development, Marketing and Services; Healthcare Industry Management.


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Continuing education

IGS Group Continuing Education proposes many programs for employees and those looking for work who would like to evolve professionally or make a career change.


ESAM, European School of Advanced Management

Created in 1987, ESAM is a corporate finance and strategic management school located in Paris and Lyon. ESAM trains future executive managers and corporate financiers. Its individualized programs are characterized by their international and entrepreneurial dimensions.

icd International business school paris toulouse

ICD, International Business School

ICD is the IGS Group’s business, marketing and development school in Paris and Toulouse. Since 1980, the Group’s International Business School has known how to anticipate the transformations of the business world and understand the resulting professional developments.

IGS-RH Paris Lyon Toulouse

IGS-RH, Career Creator in Human Resources

The Human Resource program was the first to be developed at the IGS Group as of 1975. Based in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse, the Group’s human resources school has become a reference in HR training programs.


IMIS, Institute of Healthcare Industry Management

Since 1987, the Institute of Healthcare Industry Management in Lyon has assisted pharmacists, physicians, biologists, biochemists and other “scientific” profiles in management programs.

IMSI Paris Lyon Toulouse

IMSI, school of real estate

IMSI, the Management Institute for Real Estate Services, created in 1999, offers undergraduate to Master’s degree programs in Lyon and Toulouse in order to effectively integrate the real estate sector.

IPI Paris Lyon Toulouse

IPI, school of information technology

Created in 1996, the Institute of Poly-Information Technology is the IGS Group’s IT school. From undergraduate to Master’s degree programs, IPI offers degrees recognized by the State and professionals in the field.

ISCPA Paris Lyon Toulouse

ISCPA, journalism, communications, production

In 1991, ISCPA, the school of journalism, communications and cultural and artistic production joined the IGS Group. Its renowned and acclaimed expertise is the result of creating innovative programs that continue to respond to the technological and intellectual dynamism of this singular sector.

The American Business School Paris

The American Business School of Paris

Created in 1985, the American Business School of Paris is an international business school based on flexible and interactive American teaching methods. The training program, open to students from all nationalities, proposes a completely bilingual curriculum.


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Important information

Following the extraordinary measures announced by the President of the Republic on Thursday, March 12, 2020, our campuses will be closed to the public as of Monday, March 16th for a period still yet to be determined.