“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This simple question that every child hears at some point growing up can also become a major source of stress – trying to figure out one’s calling in life! And yet, figuring out what to do in life is no easy matter for young people, or even for not so young people! Groupe IGS takes a closer look at the reality of having an occupational calling.

Vocation professionnelle

Do i have to have a calling?

Contrary to popular opinion, having a clear occupational calling is not the only path to achieving professional fulfillment. It is absolutely possible to build a career that is based not only on your qualities and skills, but also on what’s important to you in a work environment – interpersonal relations, working conditions, and work-life balance. The key to a successful career is above all knowing yourself and having a clear understanding of your professional expectations, needs, and ambitions.

Does everyone have a calling?

Far from the illusion of everyone “having a calling” in life, half of the young people interviewed between the ages of 18 and 30 said they did not choose their future occupation before entering the workforce! Even more surprising, 20% of them admitted that they had accepted their first job without knowing why and without knowing if it was really what they wanted to do.


These numbers emphasize the importance of enhancing professional experiences like internships and co-ops throughout a student’s education. Thanks to these opportunities, students are confronted with the reality of the world of work and are able to gain a clearer understanding of what they want to do - and don’t want to do - before jumping in at the deep-end.

With all due respect to personal development coaches, simply having a specific talent or hobby does not a calling make! In addition, having a career all mapped out can even limit someone indirectly to a specialization that, in today’s ever-changing world where 83% of future jobs don’t even exist yet, is not necessarily a good thing!


No calling? no worries!

If, like most people, you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do later in life and you’re having trouble identifying a job that suits you, Groupe IGS can provide you with a personalized, and absolutely free, career counseling service called My Career Path.


Without necessarily transforming your passion into your future career, personality tests, personalized interpretation of your results, and immersion opportunities at the heart of specialized schools working with industry professionals will allow you to learn more about yourself and choose the right educational program for you; one where you will thrive, even without a calling!