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Assessment Center

In keeping with our future-oriented view of the issues involved in the world of work, we have developed the Assessment Center, an additional career counseling service to ensure the best match possible between our programs, company needs, and student ambitions.

Our Assessment Center allows us to better evaluate the professional needs of individuals to develop personalized educational plans and also to meet the growing demand for targeted programs leading to the mastery of specific skill sets.

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Recruitment-focused work-study programs

  • A career test assesses the skills the candidate already possesses to determine the most suitable program options
  • Assessments determine the candidate's soft-skills in relation to the targeted degree to optimize company placement
  • Additional information is shared with recruiters during the final job interview to help the candidate secure the position

Made-to-measure continuing education programs

  • An assessment of employee training needs to develop a plan that corresponds to the objectives of both the employee and the company
  • Two separate positioning tests are used to track the employees’ skill improvement and maximize their chances of successfully completing the program
  • Assessments are used to identify the candidate’s soft skills
  • Results are analyzed with a certified instructor to determine the most appropriate program and evaluate the employee's potential

These services allow candidates:

  • To tailor the program to their specific needs by selecting the skill sets that correspond best to their objectives
  • To improve their chances of professional success as their background will be targeted to the jobs they are interested in

And companies:

  • To improve recruitment by incorporating individuals who correspond better to the company’s needs;
    - to optimize their investment (reduce termination rates, maximize certification success rate, consolidate transformation rates)
  • To target training needs to improve the employee’s operational performance
Assessment Center



The Assessment Center uses "AssessFirst", a predictive recruitment tool that evaluates the potential of individuals in terms of soft skills.

By determining what individuals can do and what really motivates them, as well as how they behave, AssessFirst can predict their ability to succeed and thrive long term in company job openings.

By shortlisting candidates based on potential and not just on resumes, we allow companies to discover who the applicants really are and not evaluate them only on the basis of their professional experience; to identify them by their soft skills and not only by their background;   and to hire employees who match the company’s expectations, managers, and corporate culture.

These predictive models allow companies to define their needs on three levels: SHAPE relates to personality, DRIVE to motivation, and BRAIN to reasoning.

The aim is to choose the personality traits, motivation, and type of reasoning that will have an impact on employee success and engagement.