The Why Not Factory Business Incubator

Since 1975, we have been dedicated to ensuring the success of all types of professional ambitions, including entrepreneurial projects. Our business incubator, the Why Not Factory, has been developed to do just that - provide support for all the ideas and projects our students have in mind.

The Why Not Factory

What is the Why Not Factory?

In 2017, a group of students from ESAM, our school of Strategic Management, Corporate Finance, and Law, wanted to promote an entrepreneurial spirit within higher education, because they thought, "Why not?". So, they brought together competent experts and launched their project, believing that all students should have an opportunity to start a new business and take an active role in building their own future.

Their objectives?

  • Promote an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage students to stretch their limits
  • Support individuals interested in creating and developing a company by providing collaborative workspaces, support programs, and training courses
  • Unite a community made up of entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, schools, students, business partners, investors, major groups, business incubators and accelerators, journalists, and research chairs.

Since its start, the Why Not Factory has supported more than 350 people who wanted to start a new company, helped more than 60 projects grow, and organized hundreds of events on the theme of entrepreneurship, while always being guided by its core values: audacity, diversity, and humility.

In 2019, in partnership with ESAM, the Why Not Factory, launched its 1st master's degree co-op program enabling students to obtain their master's degree, while at the same time moving forward on their entrepreneurial project.

In 2023, the Why Not Factory became part of Groupe IGS and is managed by the Digital and Academic Development department. That same year, the program opened for the 1st time on the Toulouse campus.

Different types of support



Groupe IGS students or recent graduates in the Ile-de-France region or in Toulouse who have an idea for an entrepreneurial project.


Provide these students with the support they need as they become entrepreneurs while also completing their degrees.


Thanks to the Why Not Factory's pre-incubation program that takes place over 6 months.

The program

Learn more about the pre-incubation program (French version)



Groupe IGS students, alumni, and employees who have a well-thought-out entrepreneurial project with a minimum viable product (MVP) or, at the very least, proof of customer traction.


Enable them to optimize the commercialization of their offer or, if that’s not the case, to launch the commercialization in the years to come.


Thanks to the Why Not Factory's incubation program: at the end of the recruitment process, 10 start-ups are selected to benefit from support for one year, helping them transform their idea from the project phase to an actual start-up company.

The program

Learn more about the incubation program (French version)

Training programs


Students and company employee


Training programs in entrepreneurship


Through training programs led by Why Not Factory entrepreneurs, designed to raise awareness about entrepreneurship and provide the keys to success in today’s business world.

Training programs

Learn more... (French version)

Design Thinking

The Art of the Sales Pitch

Tailored Training Programs

Co-working space

The Why Not Factory offers a co-working space in downtown Paris, located in the 10th district at 174, quai de Jemmapes, which is open 24/7, including holidays. Twenty-four workstations are available, at a monthly cost of 50,00 € per workstation, for 1 day a week. This space is available to anyone who is looking to rent a personal workspace and enjoy an environment conducive to entrepreneurial creation.

100 % entrepreneurial events

The Why Not Factory isn't just an incubator; it's also a whole lineup of startup events, including:

  • Coaching sessions to enable registered participants to receive feedback on their project from experts in all areas, benefit from the experience of others, and start building a network with innovative entrepreneurs
  • The Why Not Talks, available on YouTube, that offer young start-uppers an opportunity to get answers to their questions from experienced entrepreneurs

And also, the Responsible Entrepreneur Trophies that have been recognizing young, committed start-up founders for their work every year since 2008.


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