Continuing Education

Our Continuing Education division embodies our ambitious view of education – providing long-term support for all professionals, whatever their particularities or background, to strengthen their expertise, so that they can become and achieve whatever they aspire to in the future. By offering our support at every stage of professional life, we continue to open up a world of opportunities for everyone.

Our continuing education offering is made up of degree earning programs ranging from undergraduate levels all the way through to Executive MBAs. We also offer skill proficiency certification and short-term programs in three main areas – Human Resources, Company Management, Sales and Customer Relations.

Our diverse offering, combined with a wide array of educational modes, including both in-person and remote learning, as well as full-time, part-time, and short-term programs, allows all business professionals to find the program that best suits their needs.

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Groupe IGS Continuing Education

Historically, Continuing Education was the first center of excellence developed by Groupe IGS in 1975. As a leader in Human Resources education, as well as a major player in both the French Validation of Professional Experience (VAE) system and degree earning programs, Groupe IGS Continuing Education works closely with companies, employees, and job seekers providing support and expertise for all their career development projects and professional transition needs.

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