Given its specific vision of the role of higher education and training in society, Groupe IGS has clearly demonstrated its corporate social responsibility since 1975. It has contributed to the development of an in-depth analysis of the businesses and professions of tomorrow, by bringing academic scholars and practitioners together in its research centers and business monitoring units to discuss the question of employment. In this way, studies and projects led jointly with companies, provide support and relevance for academic programs through an analysis of the professional world and its developments.


Research aims and objectives

Advancing knowledge: research helps to generate new knowledge, create new analytical models and schools of thought, as well as to develop and spread new tools designed for companies and economic and social agents.

Bridging the gap between the worlds of education and business. The new knowledge generated by research leads to improved academic program content and an opportunity to continually update curriculum to be in sync with the worlds of both education and business.


Research laboratories


IGS-RH Research Center

The LISPE research center, affiliated with the IGS-RH School of Human Resources, aims at understanding changes in the business world and the consequences those changes have on both employees and the field of human resources. Its research is focused on forming an alliance between social progress and corporate performance.

Areas of research

  • Transition and Development
  • Transformations in the world of work, employment and organizations
  • Employee Data Management and Intangible Assets


  • Becdelièvre, P., Grima, F., Taphanel L. (2016). How does emotion residue affect the integration of individuals who switch institutions? EGOS Colloquium. Naples, Italy.

ICD Research Center

ICD Business School's LaRA research center objective is to better understand sales development in a world context.

Areas of research

  • New forms of trade and their impact of customer relations
  • Strategic innovation in the customer-supplier relationships

IPI Research Center

The proper functioning of information systems and their security is of the utmost importance to all organizations, whether private or public. The IPI School of Computer Science’s research center is specialized in networks and information systems, specifically in the cross-cutting issues of security, cybercrime, data protection, and operating reliability.