Research and the publication of papers and works recognized by the academic community are essential to the independence and excellence of a training organization like the IGS Group.


Research objectives:

Increase knowledge

Research enables people to develop new skills, create new ways of thinking, as well as devise and circulate tools meant for companies and economic and social stakeholders.

Create bridges between the academic and professional worlds 

Research at the IGS Group aims to create bridges between the academic and corporate worlds. New knowledge developed through research makes it possible to improve the pedagogical content of programs and update them continually so that they are always be in step with both the professional and academic worlds.


Research laboratories


LISPE, the research lab at the Group’s human resources school, IGS-RH, works to understand the changes in the corporate world and its consequences on employees and Human Resources. It focuses its work on creating an alliance between social progress and corporate performance.

Research concentrations
•    Transition and development
•    Transformations in the workplace, employment, organizations
•    Monitoring social management and immaterial capital


LaRA, the research lab at ICD (the International Business School), directed by Haithem Nagati, works to understand the changes in commercial development within a globalized context.

Research concentrations
•    New forms of commerce and their impact on customer relations
•    Strategic innovation in the customer-supplier chain


Operational information systems and their security represent a major issue for all establishments, both private and public.

IPI, the IT school, has a research lab specialized in the fields of networks and IT systems, specifically, regarding the cross-disciplinary aspects of security, cyber-criminality, personal protection and operational security.


Propédia, an independent association, supports the Group’s three research labs, LaRA, LISPE and LISER.

Furthering knowledge, shaping it, spreading it and creating new corporate tools are its top priorities. Propédia helps organize colloquiums and conferences inviting renowned professors and researchers and provides its labs with the necessary tools in order to carry out their research projects.