Corporate network

Since 1975, the Groupe IGS has created close and solid ties with more than 9,000 partner companies. We invite our partners to dedicated events so that we can discuss the future of education and the company of tomorrow.


Executive Club

executive club

Since 1975, the Groupe IGS has teamed up with numerous partners in order to successfully lead its missions. Therefore, the Executive Club is the network dedicated to the collaboration between the Group and its many partners. It brings together partner companies and their executives in order to spark dynamic encounters during events related to the latest social, economic and managerial news. The Executive Club makes it possible for corporate representatives and The Groupe IGS's schools and institutions to exchange on contemporary themes, share good practices and together, develop the world of education, in accordance with recruiters’ requirements.

Executives in Avignon


Each summer, nearly 150 executives, qualified personalities and experts, meet in Avignon on the occasion of the annual Executives in Avignon colloquium organized by the Groupe IGS at the Maison Jean Vilar.

Initiated in 2008, this colloquium explores the different aspects of the governance and management of organizations. Important work is necessary in a perpetually innovating world to which companies and institutions must constantly adapt.

Based on an annual theme, personalities from the worlds of business and education exchange, compare their points of view and converse alongside prestigious guests speakers. This represents an ideal opportunity for broadening one’s mind by sharing experiences and adopting new professional knowledge and practices.