Directors in Avignon symposium

Each year, the "Directors in Avignon" symposium brings together high-profile figures to reflect, alongside company executives, on a current theme dealing with the transformation of organizations, human governance, and social perspectives for generations to come.


More than ever before, companies today must be agile, economic, social, concerned about employee well-being, and constantly adapted to their environment. They must also take on a new role and deal with issues related to "welfare" companies. This theme resonates even more, as it is at the heart of our vision, empowering our students to become driving forces of change in the world, and our values of Humanism, Engagement, and Open-mindedness.

The "Directors in Avignon" symposium was created with the ambition of reinventing interaction, so that sharing knowledge and experiences finds its way back to the center of our relations. The objective of this event is to make sure we all continue to grow together.

A Reccuring theme: human governance


Jean-Pierre Hulot

Our mission is not only to prepare tomorrow’s leaders, but also to contribute to the reflection of those who are leading today. To this end, we explore each year the various facets of what we call "human governance", including talent management, analysis and preparation of the future, decision-making models, etc. Throughout this theme, we encourage debates among leading figures from very different, and sometimes atypical, backgrounds. People are at the center of these encounters and make up an essential dimension of these events. 

Jean-Pierre Hulot
Groupe IGS Board Member and organizer of the symposium

Relive the 13th edition, entitled "The identity dilemna", in video