Annual Survey

Do the French like to learn? Our survey of 4,000 people provides an overview of how education and training are perceived in France today. In today’s changing world, and at a time when the job market is impacted by all sorts of transformations at an ever-increasing pace, questions regarding the role and the development of education and training in France are central to the concerns of not only public and private decision makers, but also students.

Annual Survey

Given this context, we wanted to examine the perceptions of education and training in France today.
How do people feel about education and training in general? What role does learning play in their everyday lives? How do they perceive the changing nature of job roles and skills? Do they consider education and training as a way to adapt successfully to the changes in the world?

Download the Survey (French version)

After this first edition of our survey, our objective is now to make our report an annual event to better understand the fundamental issues related to new forms of learning and to identify areas for improvement as well as key optimization levers. By means of the survey, we also hope to encourage a culture of education at all levels, whether individual, institutional, or national, to meet the challenges of employment and the word of work in the future.