Schools & Higher Education

Schools & Higher Education

The American Business School Paris

The American Business School of Paris

Created in 1985, the American Business School of Paris is an international business school based on flexible and interactive American teaching methods. The training program, open to students from all nationalities, proposes a completely bilingual curriculum.

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ESAM, European School of Advanced Management

Created in 1987, ESAM is a corporate finance and strategic management school located in Paris and Lyon. ESAM trains future executive managers and corporate financiers. Its individualized programs are characterized by their international and entrepreneurial dimensions.

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ESIN, the Groupe IGS’s Ecole Supérieure de l’Intelligence Numérique. In Paris, it prepares future decision-makers and stakeholders in digital innovation and transformation over either a 3-year program (Bachelor’s Degree) or 5-year program (Master of Science).

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ffollozz, the 1st influencer marketing school is opening its doors. In a digital environment where influencing has become one of the most utilized marketing channels, ffollozz trains young adults in the technical challenges and societal issues of influencing in tomorrow’s world.

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icd International business school paris toulouse

ICD, International Business School

ICD is the IGS Group’s business, marketing and development school in Paris and Toulouse. Since 1980, the Group’s International Business School has known how to anticipate the transformations of the business world and understand the resulting professional developments.

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A specialist in the education of athletes, Groupe IGS Sports proposes higher education training programs through distance learning for athletes and athletic clubs.

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IMSI Paris Lyon Toulouse

IMSI, school of real estate

IMSI, the Management Institute for Real Estate Services, created in 1999, offers undergraduate to Master’s degree programs in Lyon and Toulouse in order to effectively integrate the real estate sector.

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IPI Paris Lyon Toulouse

IPI, school of information technology

Created in 1996, the Institute of Poly-Information Technology is the IGS Group’s IT school. From undergraduate to Master’s degree programs, IPI offers degrees recognized by the State and professionals in the field.

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ISCPA Paris Lyon Toulouse

ISCPA, journalism, communications, production

In 1991, ISCPA, the school of journalism, communications and cultural and artistic production joined the IGS Group. Its renowned and acclaimed expertise is the result of creating innovative programs that continue to respond to the technological and intellectual dynamism of this singular sector.

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Take Me UP

Take Me Up, a certified program, is open to youths between the ages of 18 and 25 years old, who are interested in taking a gap year, a unique and rewarding experience, in order to learn about themselves and prepare for the professional world.

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