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The Groupe IGS offers various career coaching services for individuals and companies.

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The Groupe IGS Continuing Education :

Continuing education is meant for professionals, employees, and job-seekers who want to educate themselves further, acquire new knowledge and develop their skills in order to boost their professional careers. The Groupe IGS offers continuing education in 4 areas of expertise:

  • Management and development and human resources
  • Company finance, management
  • Business, marketing, development and services
  • IT

The Groupe IGS Continuing education


Relocation and career change

Relocation and career changes are major turning points in a career. The Groupe IGS, conscious of the difficulties and questions related to such changes or evolutions in a professional career, assists people of all ages and all backgrounds in their professional development. From skill assessments to career change, the Group IGS’s establishments assist the public in their professional transitions.

Changing careers should not be improvised and is prepared with the help of expert counselors who will know how to individually guide you towards the career choice that corresponds with you the best.

ADIP Since 1996, the association for the Development of Professional Integration has helped job-seekers of all ages, executives or employees, in their professional integration or career change.

CBIO Since 1989, CBIO has proposed skill and orientation assessments, as well as coaching in order to help people from all business sectors.

COIP The Groupe IGS's Inter-Professional Orientation Center’s purpose is to help high school students, college students or cooperative education students in the development of their academic plans.



Created in 2008, Hand’IGS, the Groupe IGS’s disability program, helps learners with disabilities in work-study training programs in order to facilitate their professional integration.

Hand’IGS encourages encounters between companies and youths, and accompanies them throughout the entire experience – from the signing of the contract to the end of the work-study training period – in order to make sure that they find their balance and succeed, together, in the fight against disability-related prejudices.



The Hand’IGS program proposes numerous services dedicated to partner companies, including:
•    Sourcing and Placing Learners
Hand’IGS helps you define your hiring needs and source candidates that could correspond to your search.

•    Integration Assistance
Hand’IGS makes sure that the learners’ integration within companies goes smoothly and helps managers and HR directors with adapting the working environment to the learner’s needs. Consequently, beginning a new job becomes much easier and both the learner and employer will be able to harmoniously work together.

•    Financing Assistance
Hand’IGS helps its partner companies with all of the financing related to hiring a learner with a disability within their structure.

•    Promote your Employer Brand 
By becoming a partner of Hand’IGS, you will have the opportunity to participate in many professional events, but also in speed interviews, making it possible for you to develop your employer brand and communicate on how you have successfully been able to integrate all types of people.

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