A Successful Back-to-School Season for the Groupe IGS

A period full of challenges is finally in our rearview mirror and we can now focus on an exciting back-to-school season once again! The Groupe IGS, always concerned about the quality of life for its students, would like to wish everyone a back-to-school season full of friendship and opportunities to meet new people. Discover the back-to-school program on the Groupe IGS campuses in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse!

Students walking on the School Hall

Lyon Campus – Camping Trip to Ardèche

This was a first! Groupe IGS students in Lyon had the opportunity to go on a camping trip to the Ardèche from September 24-26.

A wonderful initiative by the Groupe IGS’s student office, which organized an orientation seminar to welcome everyone from Groupe IGS schools and training centers.

Themed parties on Friday and Saturday nights, brunch on Saturday and Sunday, a giant barbeque, pool time, Ping-Pong, football, basketball, or bocce ball awaited learners who were housed in furnished mobile homes with partially covered patios.

Open to all students and learners, this weekend was a great opportunity for them to exchange, share, have fun and get to know one another. 

Paris Campus – One Back-to-School Season, Several Events

The back-to-school season for Groupe IGS schools and training centers in Paris took place over several different dates.

Directors from the Erasmus+ program, student life directors, and Groupe IGS partners were also present to acquaint students with services such as housing assistance, financial aid, or acquiring computer equipment, among others.

On September 30th, the traditional orientation day organized for all students took place at the Parc Astérix, which was privatized for the event. Students were also able to discover the “back-to-school village,” a space where Groupe IGS clubs and partners were able to answer everyone’s questions. As for work-study training students, they had their own orientation day at the Parc Astérix, once again privatized, on October 21st. 

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Toulouse Campus – Back-to-School Conference on Entrepreneurship

In Toulouse, the school year kicked off on October 6th with the traditional Back-To-School Commencement Speech, this year, on the theme: “Reinventing companies in the face of 21st-century issues.”

Emery Jacquillat, President of Camif as well as the community of mission-driven companies, gave a speech from 2-4 PM. The event continued with Raphaële Esculier, Entrepreneurial referent for Synapse, the Groupe IGS Toulouse’s incubator that mentors future entrepreneurs.

Informational meetings on entrepreneurial careers – proposed by Groupe IGS Toulouse partners – were also organized by Synapse in September and October.

The events took place in a hybrid fashion with the participation of students and learners as well as educators, tutors, and campus employees. It was broadcast live on YouTube.

The three student clubs, i.e. the student office, sports office, and Junior Council also had the opportunity to present their own initiatives.

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