The Groupe IGS's Activities

An umbrella group of independent non-profit associations founded in 1975, the Groupe IGS provides educational solutions to the public with 5 different training options

Campus Groupe IGS

5 fields of concentration
2 of them accessible to international students

Formal education / Core programs of study

cours au Groupe IGS

8 higher education establishments in the Groupe IGS delivering Bachelor’s and Master’s level degrees recognized by the State.

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étudiants souriants Groupe IGS

Traineeships combine theoretical education taught at the Vocational Training Centers (CFA) with training periods conducted with an employer. The Groupe IGS proposes many apprenticeships trainings through its CFAs located in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse.

Cooperative education

étudiants en alternance au learning lab du Groupe IGS

Cooperative education is structured around theoretical training in schools and practical skill acquisition in a company. The Groupe IGS offers many cooperative education programs through the CIEFA and the IGS cooperative education campus located in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse.

Continuing education

formation continue au Groupe IGS

Continuing education makes it possible for employees and job-seekers with a professional background of more than 3 years to strengthen their skills and evolve professionally.

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The assessment, integration and orientation centers at the Groupe IGS help and advise people in finding the best possible professional integration.