The Most Popular Jobs in Start-ups

France has more than 10,000 start-ups, a number that is increasing by 20% each year. Nearly 25,000 jobs were created in 2020! The growth of start-ups has led to the creation of new jobs that require multiple skills and innovation. The Groupe IGENSIA Education (formerly Groupe IGS) takes you on a journey of discovery of the most popular jobs in start-ups.

IGS Group Start Up jobs

#1 Jobs in Marketing 

Digitalization as well as the evolution of consumer and market needs have strongly impacted the marketing field. Start-ups, including unicorns, need qualified profiles for the following positions: 

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) 

CMOs define and implement a marketing strategy. Their analytical and observational skills enable them to position the start-up on the market and launch an activity plan.  

Traffic Manager 

Traffic Managers' main mission is to increase the traffic on the start-up's website. Thanks to their creativity and analytical skills, they optimize referencing and implement advertising campaigns. 

UX Designer 

UX designers' objective is to analyze human behavior in order to propose products or services offering an optimal user experience. Their actions allow them to meet customer expectations and ensure their satisfaction.


#2 Jobs in Management and Support Services  

Start-ups ensure the smooth running of the structure and the well-being of their employees in order to encourage their creativity and investment. The following professions help to meet these challenges: 

Talent Acquisition Manager 

Talent acquisition managers work alongside the recruitment manager to develop a recruitment strategy. They must also optimize this process and anticipate needs. 

Chief Happiness Manager 

This relatively new position ensures the happiness and well-being of employees in order to boost their performance. Chief happiness managers must therefore create a pleasant work environment and listen to their employees. 

Office Manager 

Office managers play a multi-faceted role and are often considered the right hand of the manager. Their missions can be related to administration, recruitment, communication, finance...  


#3 Jobs in Sales 

The Sales department concerns the sales teams of a start-up and therefore are generally multi-skilled. They can also be specialized in a niche market. 

Head of Sales 

The Head of sales manages a team of business developers and does everything possible to ensure that the objectives set are achieved. To do this, they apply methods and initiate commercial actions. They are often considered to be equivalent to a sales manager. 

Business Developer 

Business developers must ensure the development of a start-up by implementing strategic actions. They intervene in marketing, finance, and communication in order to optimize prospecting.  

Account Manager 

Account managers are in charge of the after-sales service. They intervene after the business developer in order to follow the projects and services but also to ensure customer satisfaction. 

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