Information for our students and teachers / The Progression of the Covid-19 Virus 

With an increase in the number of coronavirus cases in France, the government has decided to proceed to step 2 in its epidemic response plan.


Consequently, preventative and precautionary measures have been strengthened.

As a reminder, these are the public health instructions:
•      wash your hands regularly
•       cough or sneeze into your sleeve
•       use single-use tissues and throw them away

In case you show signs of a respiratory infection (fever or feeling feverish, cough, difficulty breathing):
•       Call the paramedics center by dialing 15
•       All our students and teachers are encouraged to stay off campus
•       Contact your educational referent
•       The Groupe IGS will provide distant learning tools
•       Avoid any contact with your entourage
•       Limit travel and movement outside
•       Wear a disposable surgical mask
We encourage you to regularly consult the French Government's Coronavirus info page as well as your town hall’s website.