Create To-Do Lists to Gain in Efficiency

Shopping lists, administrative documents, books or papers to read for a class, school projects to be handed in... plenty of tasks clutter up our minds. Between personal life and studies, there is a lot to keep in mind. Gain in efficiency and free time by making a To-Do list! 

Create to-do lists

Some Tips to Better Organize Your To-Do Lists 

Making a To-Do list is to establish a list of actions to be carried out within deadlines. These lists, therefore, help us to free our minds from what clutters them and to organize our work. 

  • Make lists by categories: priority, time, type... There is no ideal categorization, each person should find the one that suits them best. Categorizing your lists will allow you to find your way through at a glance. 
  • Choose a tool that is efficient and easily accessible. Centralize your lists on the same tool to easily access them. Depending on your needs, choose the most suitable method: write on paper or use digital applications. 
  • Consult your To-Do lists regularly and keep track of them. Keep them up to date to be aware of your progress. Check off completed actions and add new ones so that you can set new priorities for the week to come. 
  • Use your To-list together with your agendas. This will allow you to better manage your time.

Overall, To-Do lists will make you even more proactive. You will be managing your time more efficiently and therefore have more of it! 

What are the Benefits of To-Do Lists?

Some might say that half of your tasks will not be completed, that it is overwhelming to see all the things you have to do, and that writing them down is not useful because our brain allows us to remember everything. 

We would argue that using To-Do lists can improve our daily life and help us balance our private life and studies by: 

  • Setting priorities  
  • Not forgetting anything 
  • Organizing your day better 
  • Saving time 
  • Reducing stress 

Some Free Apps to Create To-Do Lists on Android and iPhone

Besides keeping a list on paper, there are many free apps that allow you to keep track of your lists and have them always at your fingertips, no matter what device you use. 

Todoist enables you to create and organize to-do lists, share them with several people and even create reminders from your calendar. Synchronize all your devices via the application to be efficient and never forget a step in your tasks. 

Any. DO is probably one of the most intuitive applications available on the market. Drag and drop a task, shake your phone to delete one, and swipe to indicate that an activity has been completed... It could not be easier. 

TickTick is an efficient app that you can sync with a cloud. You can create your checklists, set up recurring tasks, work as a team by sharing your task list, create quick access widgets and embed attachments. You can prioritize your tasks and manage them very quickly. 

Google Keep, keeping track of everything is no longer a hassle. You can save posters, photos, or important documents and manage them through a search feature or record a voice memo which is a great advantage. To easily find your To-Do list, Google Keep helps you through color codes and labels with a simple and clean interface. 

Now you have everything you need to manage your tasks and organize your spare time.